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Ninja2Go External System Disk

Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
Ninja2Go External System Disk
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  • External dual system for Mac
  • One-click installation, simple and fast
  • Does not occupy internal storage capacity
  • Both systems can share same external storage capacity
  • Painless access to dual systems, no increase in price
  • Inventory status: sufficient stock
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Start Ninja2Go and control the system

Helps you complete tasks that Mac can't do

Ninja2Go can run all Windows-compatible software. Many software that do not support Mac (EX: tax declaration software, stock market software, professional work software, etc.) can be used after installing Ninja2Go. You can do all the work easily with Windows. Mac computers are very powerful and can solve many problems, while Ninja2Go can solve problems that Mac cannot solve for you.

Enjoy games on Mac

Fully assist developers

Ninja2Go can support all games that need to run on Windows, and you don’t need to worry about game operation problems caused by non-native systems. In addition, because the game is installed on Ninja2Go, there is no need to worry about insufficient storage space. Just use your MacBook to join the battle and fight for honor!

As a professional developer, you may have to have multiple systems at any time. Professional developers can use Ninja2Go to run Windows on Mac. Unlike virtual machines, Ninja2Go provides you with the same operating efficiency as the native system. We believe this will provide great help for development.

Why should you choose Ninja2Go?

More efficient use of resources

Ninja2Go lets your Mac run Windows system, and because Ninja2Go is directly used as the system disk to boot, macOS will not run at the same time when running Windows, this means hardware resources only need to bear one system at a time, and all resources can be fully used to and maximize system effectiveness.

Larger storage space

Ninja2Go provides up to 2TB of storage space, deducting the space occupied by the Windows system (20~40GB), the remaining space can be completely freely allocated and used, and since all Ninja2Go series products use high-specification PCIe SSD, all the space supports fast access.

Smoother running speed

System hard drive speed is an important factor affecting system performance. Ninja2Go uses a high-spec PCIe SSD, and is paired with USB3.1 Gen2 and Thunderbolt 3 transmission interfaces. Thunderbolt 3 can support up to 40Gbps. Only a fast transmission interface can make the SSD work at its full potential.

Stronger support capabilities

Ninja2Go can support most Mac computers. You can easily carry Ninja2Go and start Windows on other Mac computers. The data you save on Ninja2Go will be unaffected. You will be able to continue creating or gaming on different Mac computers.

Ninja2Go is a free service

Ninja2Go is a free service. For any Ninja2Go hardware specification, we only charge the cost of the hard drive and the cost of the Windows product key for activating Windows. 

The Ninja2Go service itself does not charge additional fees.

Comparison of Ninja2Go Hard Drive Specifications

Ninja2Go purchase instructions :

1. Ninja2Go contains Windows copyrighted software, and Ninja2Go only supports genuine Windows. Therefore, Ninja2Go will be bundled with the Windows product key. If customers already have a Windows product key and purchase the version without a Windows product key, they bear any copyright liability that may occur.

2. Any purchase of the Windows product key bundled with Ninja2Go will be obtained through an exchange method, which is as follows:

  1. The Ninja2Go package contains a Windows product key redemption card, which is printed with SN (serial number), PW (password), Redemption Card and redemption instruction. Please keep it after opening.
  2. Please go to the Windows product key redemption URL after receiving and confirming that the product is operating normally without any problems:
  3. Enter the SN /PW and the e-mail which you want to receive the Windows product key according to the instructions on the website, and select the Windows version you purchased then send it for redemption. We will send the downloadable version of the product key to the e-mail you provided after review.
  4. Because the Windows product key is a consumable item and cannot be recycled after use, you are reminded to confirm that there is no problem with the product before proceeding with the Windows product key redemption process. Once you use the redemption card to redeem, we will regard it as your confirmation that there is no problem with the product itself, and no refund or exchange can be made after exchange. If there are any problems with the subsequent product, the warranty can still be carried out.
  5. Please enter the correct information during the redemption process to speed up the redemption process. If the SN/PW/Windows version is entered incorrectly, the redemption will fail and you will need to reapply. Inputting the wrong email input may cause the key to be sent to an incorrect address. Once the system sends the key, the redemption process will be ended, the same SN/PW cannot be redeemed again.
  6. The Windows product key redemption card will become invalid immediately after redemption, and cannot be returned, exchanged, reissued, etc. Please be aware.
  7. The Windows product keys sold in the Ninja2Go bundle are all downloadable versions, so you will only receive the digital product key instead of the boxed product key.

3. The value stated in the product description is the highest speed measured by the internal SSD, and the actual speed will vary depending on the hardware and use environment.

4. It is currently known that the latest MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) cannot use the Ninja2Go pro (Thunderbolt3 version), but the Ninja2Go light (USB3.1 Gen2 version) can be used normally. Please pay attention when purchasing.

5. Ninja2Go’s warranty will follow the warranty period of the loaded hard drive (basic warranty is one year, which can be extended to three years after registration, or expires after the hard drive reaches its own lifespan). During the warranty period, customers can enjoy our free Ninja2Go reformatting service (customers bear the round-trip shipping). You are welcome to fill out the contact form or contact the NinjaDrive customer service (

6. The Ninja2Go series is divided into two versions, the pro (Thunderbolt 3 interface) and the light (USB 3.1 Gen2 interface) based on the transmission interface. Please make sure your computer supports the above transmission interface before purchasing. If you can’t judge by yourself, please ask the computer manufacturer to provide related specifications.

7. If you have any questions about the purchase, you can check the FAQ. You can also fill out the contact form or contact NinjaDrive customer service ( for consultation, we will answer you in detail.

Ninja2Go usage notice :

1. Ninja2Go is an external system specially designed for Mac. Customers are advised not to reformat by themselves, otherwise the product will be unusable. If the system is damaged and needs reformatting, we will provide free reformat service during the warranty period (customers bear the round-trip shipping). If your Ninja2Go needs reformatting, you are welcome to fill out the contact form or contact NinjaDrive customer service (, and our customer service staff will serve you.

2. It is recommended that you can shut down or enter sleep mode when you do not use Ninja2Go for a long time. Temporary data loss may occur after the hibernate mode is restarted. If you accidentally enter the hibernate mode, you can press the power button to restart the computer.

3. It is recommended that users do not use the Windows reset function. Doing so may erase the important data for the Ninja2Go and cause the product to operate abnormally. If it is necessary to use the Windows reset function, it is recommended to use the "Retained Data Reset" option.

4. When you want to switch Ninja2Go to another Mac for use, please connect the Mac to the network first, and the system will automatically update the driver. If you find that the driver is not functioning properly, you can try to update Boot Camp. For the update method, please refer to the Ninja2Go user manual. (Note: Ninja2Go can only switch between Macs)

5. For Windows 10 product key related authorization regulations and questions, please refer to Microsoft's related regulations.

6. Ninja2Go will generate heat during operation. This is a natural phenomenon of the normal operation of the solid state drive. It is recommended that users do not place Ninja2Go in an environment where it is difficult to dissipate heat to maintain the efficiency of Ninja2Go.

7. If there is any problem with the product, please fill in the contact form or contact NinjaDrive customer service ( to explain the situation in detail. You can also attach pictures or screenshots to help explain, our customer service staff will serve you.