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BaseQi Micro SD adapter (Length)

BaseQi Micro SD adapter (Length)
BaseQi Micro SD adapter (Length)
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  • Provide more disk space 
  • The exterior is made out of polished aluminum
  • It is almost physically indestructible 
  • Sits 100% flush and hidden within your Macbook 
  • Easy to physically pull out 
  • Inventory status: sufficient stock
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Baseqi micro SD adpter purchase instructions :


1. This product is an SD adapter that does not include storage functions, and SD cards need to be purchased separately.


2. This product can use all brands of micro SD cards except Lexar. Consumers are advised to pay special attention when purchasing micro SD cards.


3. This product can support micro SD cards of all capacities from 16GB to 1TB.


4. When choosing a card holder, please make sure to choose according to the notebook model. If you can't find the corresponding model, you can go to BASEQI hidden adapter card (length) and choose according to the notebook card slot specifications.


5. For the return and exchange process, please refer to the refund/return policy.


6. If you have any questions, you are welcome to fill in the contact us form or email us (, and our customer service staff will serve you as soon as possible.