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Made of aluminum alloyHigh efficiency heat dissipation designSupport multiple SSD sizesSupport USB type-A / type-C..
Ex Tax:NT$900
High-speed USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C interfaceReading speed: 1200MB/sWriting speed: 1200MB/sLightweight and easy to carryUsing Micron's top solid state drive SSDLarge capacity up to 2TB..
Ex Tax:NT$3,390
SSD size: M.2 2280Specification: NVMe1.3 PCI Express Base 3.1PCIe interface: PCIe Gen3x4500GB-Read 2000MB/s, write 1000MB/s1TB-read 3400MB/s, write 2000MB/s2TB-read 3400MB/s, write 3000MB/s..
Ex Tax:NT$2,090
Ultra-high-speed Thunderbolt 3 interfaceRead speeds:2800MB/sWrite speeds:2000MB/sLightweight and easy to carryCapacity up to 2TB..
Ex Tax:NT$11,800
0.3mm extremely thin5KG carrying capacityExclusive stable foot pad designSpecial anti-scratch Skid PadsSingle finger easy open designImprove heat dissipation capacity..
Ex Tax:NT$390
The fastest charging experienceAvoid dropping the laptop due to pulling the charging cableReduce the loss of repeated plugging and unplugging of charging holes and connectorsUp to 100W charging speedStable high-speed chargingLength: 5ft / 1.5mCurrent and voltage: 5A / 20V..
Ex Tax:NT$590
External dual system for MacOne-click installation, simple and fastDoes not occupy internal storage capacityBoth systems can share same external storage capacityPainless access to dual systems, no increase in price..
Ex Tax:NT$3,390
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