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General FAQ

Purchase FAQ

Regardless of whether there is a registered member or not, you can place an order to purchase the products of this mall, and registered members can enjoy exclusive privileges for members from time to time.

Taiwan area: credit card, pick-up and payment in supermarkets

Other regions: credit card

Taiwan area: Super Market, post, SF Express, Black Cat Express

Other areas: international postal registration, DHL Express

Depending on the shipping method you choose and the region where you are located, the time you receive the product will vary.

*NinjaDrive will ship your product within 1-2 working days after you place the order.

For questions about returns and refunds, please go to the Refund and return policy.

You can fill out the contact form or email us (, our customer service staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible

Products FAQ


The warranty terms of the NinjaDrive SSD series are enclosed in the product packaging. Please read the instructions carefully to protect the purchase rights.

TBW is simply the total capacity that an SSD can be written. When the total write capacity exceeds the TBW of the SSD, it is the end of the natural life of the SSD. Therefore, generally when the total write capacity of an SSD is greater than it indicates TBW, the warranty will be repeated at the same time.

 TB3 : 

1TB - 1674

2TB - 3358


500GB - 45

1TB - 100

2TB - 200

Please check the specifications of the computer you purchased. You must have a computer that supports Thunderbolt3 interface to use Thunderbolt3 products.

NinjaStand FAQ

(1) Determine the installation location (please avoid uneven and undulating surfaces).

(2) Use alcohol or water to clean the surface of the installation location.

(3) Confirm that there is no dirt, water droplets, etc. on the surface of the installation location.

(4) Paste the NinjaStand and press it slightly to make it firm.

(5) Paste the anti-scratch pad on the appropriate position of your laptop to protect your laptop when NinjaStand is working.

NinjaStand is made of reusable nanoglue, which leaves no residual glue after tearing up. If you find that foreign matter such as dust affects the viscosity, you can clean it with a little water to restore the viscosity.

*The attached anti-slip pad is a disposable product, and the bottom is ordinary glue. It is not recommended to reuse it. If there is residual glue, wipe it with alcohol to remove

NinjaStand can raise the screen by about 6 cm/2.36 inches.

Different brands of laptops have different vent designs, please make sure that the installation position will not affect the computer’s heat dissipation when installing.